The Executive Governor of Edo State, His Excellency Governor Godwin
Obaseki driven by his zeal, passion and desire to impart practicable and highly
innovative technologies to help identify and provide viable solutions to the
menace of power in Edo State, to enable development and ensure the state
thrives economically, organized a power and energy Hackathon series tagged “THE POWER FOR EDO HACKATHON 2018” through EDOJOBS in collaboration with

The Hack Edo Series is a multi-dimensional initiative that celebrates innovation
in a way that sparks a ripple effect of economic growth and development across
the country with a major focus in equipping young nigerian innovators with the
necessary skills required to make impact in their various communities.
Hack Edo is therefore an initiative focused on leveraging innovation technology
to identify and solve the most pressing problems faced by individuals,
businesses, and the ecosystem as a whole, through a series of practical

The first in the series tagged #Power4Edo, focuses on creating workable
solutions for power and energy. The scope of possible solutions spans
renewables, microgrid, payments, last mile, collections, smart metering,
financing platforms, tax regulation, smart contracts, data analytic tools, pay-as-you-go solutions, solar powered products and internet of things (ioT)

Power outages have assumed a very high embarrassing dimension in Nigeria. If
not properly addressed, could lead to a significant negative effect on economic
growth, hence an urgent need for diverse solutions to help curtail this issue.
The objectives of The Power of Edo Hackathon goes thus;

1. Increase the number of individuals taking action to build a collaborative
community that tackles issues from every sector not just power.
2. Identify the best ideas that would be supported through the incubation
3. Catalyze the growth of start-ups within Edo State.
4. Support development of ventures from ideation to commercialization.
5. Promote job creation and economic development.
6. Drive and ensure the increased adoption of local technology by
Government, corporate and development agencies across Edo State and Nigeria.
7. Strengthen and raise the standard of start-ups in the region and deliver
positive social impact returns to communities and people across the region.
The goal of the Power for Edo Hackathon is to ensure that everyone in the State
who has a skillset and a problem solving idea, comes out to take charge and
solve the daily environmental problem of power and energy rather than
complain about them.

The first edition of the Hack Edo series tagged #Power4Edo held on Tuesday
18th December, 2019 with over 150 amazing innovators and enthusiasts
comprised of 22 teams tasked with creating workable solutions for power and
energy. This amazing battle went on for a period of 10 hours which had
innovators from around Edo state collaborating to build strategic, fun and
exciting projects after which 3 winners emerged after convincing the judges that
they had what it took to solve
The WINNERS of the Hack Edo Series Hackathon after convincing the judges
that they had what it took to solve power and energy problems in the state goes

                                    First Prize – Team NEW DIGITS
                                     Second Prize – Team ASHTRAL
                                   Third Prize – Team VALLEYGATE

With team NEW DIGIT emerging as overall winners, consisting of 6 innovators
who knew their onion so well as they proposed to solve the problem of power
using a water conformal solar system to generate electricity and cooking gas.
This system uses water to generate electricity using the hydrogen present in the
water which completely blew the minds of the judges and other participants
could see their victory coming.

The winners received seed capital worth 2,000,000 (Two million naira) for the
first prize, 1,000,000 (One million naira) the second prize and 500,000 (Five
hundred thousand naira) for the third prize.

1. Edo State Government
2. Siemens
3. Impact Hub Lagos
4. Edojobs
6. Edo Innovation Hub

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