Goods Receiving Manager

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Job Overview

The Goods Receiving Manager (GRM) controls, directs and coordinates the receipt of goods strictly according to the 4-eye-principle and to the BP for Goods Receiving. The GRM ensures that all incoming goods and materials are controlled on quality (right SKUdelivery, no damageon packages, longexpiry dates)and volumes, and ensures goods under temperature control are taken into the coolers/freezers immediately. Goods which do not meet the quality standards or are damaged should be refused. Refusals and shortcomings are registered on the documents and the GRM ensures the supplier signs for these.

Responsibilities & tasks: Receiving & controlling incoming goods

  • Opens and closes the receiving zone between 30am and 04.30pm (depending on location)
  • Prints and checks through the delivery list (the expected goods: number of suppliers and boxes) ahead of the next day daily, after the (d)sm has placed the order
  • Receives suppliers and directs them “purchase order” (PO)
  • scans the PO number on the documents from the supplier with the handhold scanner (HH)
  • Controls and oversees the receipt of goods, verifying counts / weights, and quality according to the BP for Goods Receiving
  • Ensures that according to the HACCP rules goods under temperature control are given priority and taken to the cooler/freezers immediately
  • Ensures no discrepancies occur between the documents and the received goods
  • Distinguish which goods are so-called freebies (free of charge) and ensures it’s clear on the documents
  • Ensures the box content matches the details stated on the document
  • Oversees the quality check on dry goods; right delivery of goods, no damages, expiry date,
  • Oversees the quality check on F&V articles; freshness, color, size,
  • Oversees the quality check on non-food articles on color, size,
  • Oversees the quality check on chilled (< 5 degrees) and frozen (< minus 18 degrees) goods on temperature
  • Decides which goods should be refused due to quality reasons, temperature, expiry dates (according to the expiry date list)
  • Provides clear detail on refused boxes on the documents and puts the red stamp (“rejected”) on the document(s) according to the BP for Goods receiving
  • Makes informed decision on whether to accept or reject surpluses
  • Provides clear detail on the shortage on the documents and puts the red stamp (“incomplete”) on the document(s)
  • Communicates with the (d)SM regarding refused boxes, shortages or surpluses
  • Ensures the supplier signs for the shortage or refused boxes on the documents as well
  • Aligns with the SM when the whole delivery or a significant part of it looks like it should be refused oversees the quality check for non-selling materials
  • Ensures none of the goods are processed before checking the numbers and quality

Responsibilities & tasks: Outgoing goods

  • Organizes outgoing goods
  • Ensures returnable goods for shipment back to the supplier or dc accurately according to the bp for goods return
  • Prepares goods which should be shipped to other jara stores accurately according to the bp for goods transfers
  • Arranges for the goods and documents to reach the receiving party in good time and order
  • Ensures other stores do not receive goods which should be written off
  • Informs the receiving party when the goods will be shipped.


Responsibilities & tasks: Administration and Documents

  • Ensures that all documents (Waybills or Delivery notes, Goods Receiving notes, Freebie Receiving notes, Return notes, Goods Transfer notes, invoices, etc.) Relating to receiving, transferring and returning of goods are correct, complete and intact
  • Prepares all necessary documentation and processes paperwork for goods received and those returned to the supplier according to the involved bps
  • Ensures that all documents relating to the receipt of goods are correct and complete
  • Enters the data on accepted goods and shipped outgoing goods in the system accurately
  • Ensures the refused goods or shortages are not entered in the system
  • Checks the red stamp is on all documents relating to refused goods and shortages
  • Checks the red stamp is on all documents relating to incomplete deliveries
  • Ensures all relevant documents are signed and stamped by the relevant parties
  • Prints and checks inputs to detect deviations at least once a day
  • Maintains accurate records of items received, investigates discrepancies and corrects shipping errors
  • Ensures signing of documents received by the relevant authorities
  • Forwards the document(s) to the Accounts department as part of payment processing details
  • Archives the duplicates in store files according to the bps
  • Submits all documents to the Store Manager for verifying process control daily
  • Closes the administration when all inputs and administration have been don

Responsibilities & tasks: Suppliers performance

  • Records the suppliers’ performance (non-deliveries, number of shortages, number of damages, number of quality issues, ) According to the bp for goods receiving
  • Reports suppliers’ performance to the sm, supply chain planner and regional s&o manager.

Responsibilities & tasks: Warehousing

  • Ensures the freezers (-18 degrees) and coolers (4 degrees) at the warehouse are set to the right temperature
  • Oversees the organization and allocations for efficient logistics at the wh
  • Ensures an appropriate equipment and racking system for safe transport and storage of all goods
  • Ensures that similar items are placed together to allow store staff easily locate items
  • Discusses the allocation of goods with the goods receivers
  • Inspects and observes the condition of the warehouse frequently
  • Ensures hand pallet trucks and other equipment are utilized safely
  • Works closely and assists the merchandizers and the managers at the own production when needed
  • Regularly re-evaluates the warehouse organization.

Responsibilities & tasks: Write offs

  • Receives the non-saleable goods which were taken out from the sales floor and warehouse
  • Writes off goods which are not accepted for a transfer to own production and not suitable for staff sales
  • Handles according to the bp for write offs and registers the write offs in the sys

Responsibilities & tasks: Waste management

  • Ensures the supplier takes back any unrequired plastic and cartons
  • Oversees a proper organization of waste (carton, paper, plastic, ) From the sales floor and wh according to the bp for waste management
  • Ensures broken glass is put in a box (not in plastic bag) in order to process this safely
  • Ensures the liquid content of spoiled or broken packages are flushed away through the sink
  • Checks that the waste is taken out to the destined waste area
  • Plans with the waste company when waste can be collected
  • Oversees a correct and efficient collection by the waste company
  • Administers the collection of the different kind of was

Responsibilities & tasks: Maintenance, Cleanliness & Safety

  • Ensures the warehouse team safely operates equipment for moving and stocking goods and materials
  • Ensures the receiving zone and the warehouse is clean and orderly according to the haccp rules
  • Ensures the various warehouse equipment is clean / hygienic
  • Documents and investigates safety incidents to help prevent accidents in the future
  • Checks for malfunctioning machinery and equipment and escalates equipment problems to the store manager and maintenance manager
  • Complies with safety regulations and company policies, and maintains clean and orderly work areas.

Responsibilities & tasks: Inventories

  • Supports the conduction of inventory checks according to the BP for Stock Taking
  • Monitors the flow of paperwork from receiving to inventory control for assuring all bookings has been done

Career background

  • University degree; retail, logistics or wholesales management experience
  • At least 1 – 2 year(s) experience in a control and supervisory position
  • Prior experience in logistics


  • Strong sense of accuracy with numbers and quality strong administration skills
  • Disciplined and a keen eye for detail
  • Strong sense for quality
  • Strong logistical and organizational skills
  • Able to work according to logic and defined processes
  • Good interpersonal and communication skills
  • Energy, drive and a strong can-do attitude (getting-it-done mentally)
  • Ability to multitask






Job Detail
  • Department Operations
  • LGA Oredo
  • Required Skills & Expertise Strong sense of accuracy with numbers and quality strong administration skills
  • Job Sector Consumer Goods
  • Employment Type Full Time
  • Years of Experience 3 - 5 years
  • Education B.Sc