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Job Overview

The Cashier/Service Desk (CAS) operates strictly according to the Operating Instructions for Cashiers.

The main responsibility of the Cashier/Service Desk (CAS) is to welcome the customer on a highly friendly way and to scan/register all items accurately to be bought by the customer, process payments in cash, through bank cards or mobile payments, according to the cash system, and give change and close the transaction by providing the receipt. The CAS is fully responsible for accurate transactions and for the cash in the cash register until the cash is handed over to the Cash Controller (CC) or the (deputy) Store manager (d)SM). The CAS keeps the cash desk and area clean and tidy.

Responsibilities & Tasks

  • Operates according to the BP Operating Instructions for Cashiers ensures the access code to the system will be kept personally
  • Ensures there is paper in POS machines for printing receipts
  • ensures all items are taken out of the basket or trolley and placed on the checkout des Only some boxes with a heavy weight are allowed to stay in the trolley. This can be allowed when the CAS assures all articles at the trolley are scanned / registered
  • Ensures the trolley is empty or the boxes with their items in it are all scanned / registered before starting the payment process
  • Checks the box content accurately
  • Scans all items for purchase / payment by the customer. Not scanning the items is a violation of the Operating Instructions and can lead to termination of the labor agreement
  • Makes sure the correct number of items are scanned /registered where there are multiple items of the same product
  • Uses the scan pistol, the PLU code system or registers the barcode with the keyboard when the SKU is not scannable
  • Does not sell alcoholic beverages or tobacco to persons below the age of 1 This violation can lead to termination of his employment agreement. Customers may be asked to show their ID
  • Draws attention to the customer when the products are damaged, dented, or have lack of freshness
  • Refers family members and relatives to another check-out, as serving own family and relatives is forbidden.
  • Reports items without a scan code to the Cash Controller
  • Reports any scanning equipment repair or replacement needs to the Cash Controller.

Responsibilities & tasks: Payment processing

  • Receives and processes all customer payments according to the Operating Instructions for Cashiers
  • Confirms the amount to be paid mode of payment; cash or bank card to the customer
  • Politely accepts and counts the cash received accurately and enters the amount into the cash system gives back the correct change, as indicated on the system, to the customer
  • Enters the right amount in the card terminal (POS device) where the customer wants to pay by bank card
  • Asks the client for the type of account (current or savings) and waits for approval
  • Completes the bank card transactions according to the established procedures
  • Issues the receipts (purchase ticket and bank card transaction ticket) to the customer for the purchases
  • Ensures sufficient amounts of change in the cash drawer by informing the Cash Controller timely
  • Informs the CC when POS machines have recurring issues or need replace

Responsibilities & tasks: Corrections and Refunding processes

  • Makes corrections and processes refunds after involving the CC an according to the Operating Instructions
  • Ensures such procedures runs smoothly and friendly.

Responsibilities & tasks: Skimming, Counting and Change

  • Receives and counts change (4-eye-principle) by filling and signing the float money document according to the Operating Instructions
  • skims the cash out of the drawer and counts during the shift with the CC (4-eyes-principle) according to the Operating Instructions
  • Counts the money at the end of the shift together with the The amount of cash should match the amount indicated on the system
  • Analyses any differences together with the Cash Controller
  • Hands over the cash to the Cash Controller by filling and signing the cash document.

Responsibilities & tasks: Customer orientation

  • Greets customers in a very friendly and courteous manner
  • Attends to customer needs and provides prompt customer service
  • Informs customers about goods and promotions
  • Bags customers purchase as needed
  • Calls for back-up as needed to minimize wait time for customers
  • Informs the cc or sm in case of issues to resolve directly at the spot
  • Reports customer suggestions, comments, and complaints to the cc /

Responsibilities & tasks: Cleanliness

  • Keeps desk and area clean and tidy
  • Ensures items left unpurchased on the checkout desk and area are returned to shelv

Responsibilities & tasks: Support & Merchandizing

  • ¬† ¬†supports the Merchandisers at quieter moments at the cash desk after approval by the CC follows-up the instructions from the Merchandisers

Career backgrounds

  • A minimum of SSCE
  • Some experience in a retail environment, preferably in customer service or as a cashier


  • Thorough, accurate and able to work in a high paced environment
  • Good numeracy skills
  • Able to communicate and relate with customers in a very friendly way
  • Having a friendly, enthusiastic and positive attitude
  • Energy, drive and a strong can-do attitude (getting -it-done mentality)



Job Detail
  • Department Operations
  • LGA Oredo
  • Required Skills & Expertise Thorough, accurate and able to work in a high paced environment
  • Job Sector Consumer Goods
  • Employment Type Full Time
  • Years of Experience 1 - 3 years