Cash Controller

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Job Overview

The Cash Controller (CC) works closely with the Cashiers and oversees their daily operations. The CC is in charge of ensuring that the cashiers (incl. service desk) carry out their duties according to the procedures and rules regarding customer service and cash handling (BP Operating Instructions for Cashiers and BP Customer Orientation) and is able to carry out all the functions of a cashier.

The CC ensures the cashiers are providing good customer service to customers and handles any customer complaints at the cash desk or service desk.

Responsibilities & tasks: Cash desk management

  • Ensures the cash desk operations are well executed
  • Ensures the cashiers process the goods in the right way in accordance to the bp operating instructions for cashiers
  • Guides the cash desk activities
  • Monitors the transactions at the cash desks
  • Fills in when there is a shortage of cashiers using his own cash register
  • Ensures that any documentation required to be submitted is accurate, complete and submitted timely
  • Remains on site until all duties have been completed and all cash has reconciled to the correct figure

Responsibilities & tasks: Money flow / Security

  • Controls the float and signs the printed document with the cashier resolves change differences
  • Collects the float value from each cashier and signs on the document to indicate collection
  • Gives permission to the cashier to open the cash box in order to carry out transactions
  • Gets information when the skim-prompt appears on the pos
  • Overrides the prompt so that the cashier can continue working
  • Monitors the counting of the skimmed off and end-of-day amount in respect of the “4-eye-principle”
  • Re-counts the money with the money machine
  • Co-signs the necessary documents with the cashier enters the correct amount in the financial system prints the relevant documents
  • Prints out the involved document which indicates all totals of the week regarding change (float) and any other kind of information concerning the cash of all cashiers
  • Ensures that while collections/transactions are in progress, the venue is secure and that only authorized personnel are in attendance
  • Randomly checks the cash register of the cashier by counting the cash and comparing it with the system amount (4-eye-principle)
  • Randomly checks the ticket of the client by comparing the items on the ticket with the purchased goods.

Responsibilities & tasks: Check-out operations

  • Monitors the trolley check by the cashier
  • Suspends transactions and selects a reason for this action
  • Recalls a suspended transaction using appropriate codes
  • Supervises the price registration of items that do not have a barcode
  • Replaces items (where needed) after a quality check has been carried out by the cashier
  • Informs the sm of any anomaly
  • Fills a “note-book” of the “unscannable-skus” for correction
  • Makes a list of unscannable skus and hands the list over to the store manager
  • Starts the void process for declined bank card transactions
  • carries out an interim cash audit where the customer doubts the accuracy of the transaction (4-eye-principle)
  • Corrects mistakes made by the cashier during the registration processing
  • Makes a full receipt correction and co-signs the relevant document
  • Checks the customer receipt if the customer has been over charged and ensures a refund
  • Co-signs the document for returns
  • Records surplus money as overage at the end-of-day-settle

Responsibilities & tasks: Safe management

  • Ensures all monies from the cash register are put in the safe
  • ensures money is put in and taken out of the safe in the presence of another authorized person (4 eye principle)
  • Ensures safe is closed/locked at all times
  • Keeps the safe combination code confidential
  • Updates the store manager and senior accountant on the safe combination cod

Career background

  • HND/BSC in Accounting,Business Administration or related field
  • Previous experience as a cashier or in a cash handling role


  • Good numeracy skills, leadership skills and customer driven
  • Accurate, disciplined and an impeccable integrity
  • Understands figures and their impact in a wider context
  • Good record keeper and a keen eye for detail
  • Strong bias to immediate action and resilient for managing the challenges
  • Energy, drive and a strong can-do attitude (getting-it-done mentally)
  • A desire for continuous business improvement and professional develop








Job Detail
  • Department Operations
  • LGA Oredo
  • Required Skills & Expertise Good numeracy skills, leadership skills and customer driven
  • Job Sector Consumer Goods
  • Employment Type Full Time
  • Years of Experience 3 - 5 years