Career Kickstart Programme Commences

EdoJobs 2.0

The Career Kickstart Programme commenced on the 13th of March 2018 with participants in attendance, representatives of the Skills Development programme (EdoJobs) as well as the training team from GidiJobs. The programme is targeted at tertiary institution graduates who require an edge to stay competitive and attractive in an ever evolving labor market. Participants were given a general orientation on the program and what to expect at the end of the programme. There was accreditation for all participants. The participants are being trained on Self-Awareness, Goal Setting, Problem Solving and Use of Initiative, Team Building, Impression Management and Dress Sense, Business Model, Attitude and Behaviour, Work Place Ethnics, Business Plan, Business writing Etiquette amongst others. Participants have been divided into work groups and each group was asked to come up with a business plan.

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    • Michael omoike
      Jun 25, 2018 18:31 pm Reply

      Am unable to login into the site with the information given to me via text reasons I don’t know please and I don’t know what to do

      • ej-admin
        Jul 03, 2018 17:17 pm Reply

        Hi Michael, apologies for my late response. Please ensure that you are attempting to login to the portal with the correct username and password. For manually registered applicants, the portal automatically generates a user name that is a combination of an applicant’s ‘first name’, ‘underscore’ and ‘three digits’ after their profiles are uploaded
        For example: chioma_269 and the default password is password. Also note that the login credentials are case sensitive. This means that the username and password received must be entered in lower case / small letters. The user name cannot be changed but an applicant can change his / her password after logging in to the portal. I hope this helps.

      Jun 26, 2018 06:37 am Reply

      good day sir/ please how do initiate to this program i need help

      • ej-admin
        Jul 03, 2018 17:18 pm Reply

        Hi Ibrahim, are you registered on EdoJobs? Please let us know what exactly you need help with.

    • Offogah Mary
      Jun 26, 2018 13:26 pm Reply

      i’m interested of working with edo jobs initiative also willing to under go training that will duly recommended

      • ej-admin
        Jul 03, 2018 17:21 pm Reply

        Hi Mary, thanks for your interest in EdoJobs. Kindly apply for a desired job / programme from the available opportunities displayed on the portal.

    • Esther Aziba
      Jul 01, 2018 22:00 pm Reply

      i love this nigeria

    • Yetunde Adetunji
      Jul 08, 2018 19:46 pm Reply

      When will the interview hold on?

    • EJIDE
      Jul 09, 2018 14:13 pm Reply


    • Edosa24
      Jul 15, 2018 18:55 pm Reply

      How soon ll The EDSTMA job call for interview since the application is over

      • Edosa24
        Aug 08, 2018 18:27 pm Reply

        Pls I nid a response on my earlier question.

    • ej-admin
      Sep 04, 2018 12:55 pm Reply


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